We make you innovate

We make you innovate

3D ecosystem

By connecting people, processes, and ideas in a digital 3D ecosystem for business operations, it’s possible to pioneer the future and gain a competitive advantage for securing the market leadership. Transform and future-proof your value chain and add the latest technology including augmented reality, virtual testing and generative design to elevate innovation.

Product development

To achieve innovation you need digital and flexible product development processes. We make our customers stay ahead of competition with an extensive portfolio of software. Guarantee technical advancements in your development processes with 3D CAD, virtual testing, computer generated design, AR, AI, VR. PLM, PDM, business agility, digital continuity and much more.

3D printing

At the heart of the promise of 3D printing is innovative power. By digitizing your product development and integrating 3D printing into your company’s value chain, you can develop entirely new products, shorten lead times and eliminate costs.
With this technology as part of your 3D ecosystem the possibilities are endless. Now is the time to realize the disruptive force of additive manufacturing.

Impressive results with 3D printing

Product design company Yovinn added 3D printing to their product design and development process. Watch to see the impressive results we managed to achieve together.

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"We saw early on that the Figure 4 had the right qualifications in terms of output quality, production performance and width of materials "

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