3D CAD Cloud

3D CAD Cloud

Connect your team, data and partners in one collaborative and interactive environment. Manage, share, and collaborate on design files in real time with anyone, from anywhere.


3D Creator

Create. Collaborate. Innovate. 3D Creator is a browser-based 3D parametric modeler with flexible design workflows and a seamless interchange of design data with SOLIDWORKS. The …

3D Sculptor

Shape. Collaborate. Innovate. 3D Sculptor is an ideal solution for designers, engineers and digital artists who need to create, review, and evaluate organic and ergonomic …

3DEXPERIENCE for Management

3DEXPERIENCE brings together your entire business on a single cloud-based platform and enables you to innovate with the power of the connected organization. We make …

3DEXPERIENCE for Engineering

The future success of your product design and customization depends on your ability to manage changes in the product development process. 3DEXPERIENCE combines intuitive 3D …

3DEXPERIENCE for Procurement

With ever increasing customer demands and competition from around the globe, making informed purchasing decisions is a requirement for success. Keeping all your data collected …

3DEXPERIENCE for Manufacturing

To bring your innovations effectively to market, you must ensure that production runs smoothly and adheres to final design specifications. When engineers and manufacturers align, …

3DEXPERIENCE for Sales & Marketing

Building a profitable business under the pressure of demanding customers, increased competition and ever changing market conditions can be challenging. With 3DEXPERIENCE you can easily …

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“3DMetPrint is a service center for Nordic countries running one of the few advanced metal printers. We invested in this technology because it is a new possibility to manufacture metal parts that has not been possible before.”

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