3D printers for spare parts

3D printing spare parts on demand

3D printing makes it possible to manufacture spare parts on demand. 3D printing has the power to mitigate the supply chain risks associated with sourcing of critical spare parts.

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Manufacture spare parts on demand by utilizing 3D printing

A growing number of companies are adopting 3D printing as part of their strategy to ensure the availability of supply chain critical spare parts. Long lead times for spare parts can bring production to a standstill, if the required parts aren’t available in inventory.

Maintaining and storing a spare parts inventory is costly. 3D printing can significantly reduce these costs, since required spare parts can be manufactured locally and on demand. Furthermore, legacy parts that service providers are unable to supply can be 3D printed, thus prolonging the life of existing hardware.

The 3D printing team at PLM Group has several years of experience with helping companies find the optimal 3D printing solution for adapting a digital spare part strategy. We work with the world’s leading brands to ensure you get a 3D printing solution that fits your needs.

Customer case

PostNord: Disrupting logistics with 3D printing

In January this year, the Nordic logistics specialist PostNord installed their very first HP MJF 4200 3D printer. Together with PLM Group as a partner, the company is poised to disrupt supply chain and logistics operations by offering digital warehousing and local manufacturing.

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