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3D printing is no longer a production tool of the future - It is here

The indisputable advantages of 3D printing are rapidly changing the way we design and manufacture

A lot of the designs we take for granted today are a result of restrictions in production. Innovate! Rethink your product to focus on optimal functionality, weight and design without the restrictions of traditional production - because complexity is no longer a problem. Speed up your development process, reduce costs and make better decisions with early physical prototypes.

PLM Group has years of experience with the 3D printing technology, and we are a reseller of the industry-leading brands. We have a devoted team of 3D-printing specialists to help you every step of the way, from finding the right printer for your needs and including it in your current processes, to full support and service.



"With the introduction of the 3D printer we have reduced the lead times for the production of measurement fixtures from four-six weeks to one-two days. If the production needs a new fixture, we can print it overnight, so it is ready for use in our manufacturing department next morning."

- Zlatan Okanovic, Manager Production Engineering, Albin Components AB

Physical prototyping

Will it fit? Will it hold? Can we reduce the weight? There is no better way to test than a physical test. Make a prototype in a few hours, test it, make improvements, and make a new one. This is how you get the optimal design.

Visual prototyping

Make better design decisions. Digital models, pictures and videos are nice, but nothing beats holding the final product in your own hands. Bringing a prototype to a potential client is a great sell today, but tomorrow it's an expected necessity.


Not all products are made by the hundreds of thousands. Imagine the possibilities of moving your low scale production to your own office.


One size doesn't fit all. What may be optimal for one purpose is ineffective in other purposes, so compromises are made. Even minor customizations can make huge differences in the final output.


Tooling may be one of the quickest ROIs we see in 3D printing. One of the most cost-, time- and labour-intensive stages of the product development process is the production of tools. For low to medium volume applications, industrial 3D printing can eliminate the need for tool production.


The possibilities are endless. New products and appliances are found for 3D printing every day. What's your idea?

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Want to learn more about the different 3D printing technologies and how to benefit from them? Join our 3D printing workshop! Go to our training pages to find your local 3D print workshop.

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