3D Printers

3D Printers

Rapid prototyping and low volume production.
With 3D prints you can now tell, feel, see, touch and comment all at the same time and save a lot of time and money on prototypes or manufacturing.

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In recent years, 3D printing technology has matured to the point where there are today a number of different types of systems on the market, from entry-level desktop machines to high end multi-material 3D printers. PLM Group is a reseller of industry leading 3D printers from 3D Systems and we have a full range of 3D printers designed to meet your organization’s requirements.

3D printing is showing great promise in terms of fulfilling a local manufacturing model, whereby products are produced on demand in the place where they are needed — eliminating huge inventories and unsustainable logistics for shipping high volumes of products around the world.

Get a look into the world of additive manufacturing and gain hands-on experience with 3D printing on PLM Group’s 3D printing training! This training will cover all the benefits of using additive manufacturing in your product development process. Get in touch and reserve your seat!

Why should you consider using 3D printing technology as part of your product development process?


  • Increase Innovation. Print prototypes in hours, obtain feedback, refine designs and repeat the cycle until designs are perfect.
  • Improve Communication. Hold a full color, realistic 3D model in your hands to impart more information than a computer image.
  • Create physical 3D models quickly, easily and affordably for a wide variety of applications.
  • Speed Time to Market. Compress design cycles by 3D printing multiple prototypes on demand, right in your office.
  • Reduce Development Costs. Cut traditional prototyping and tooling costs. Identify design errors earlier and reduce travel to production facilities.
  • Win more Business. Bring realistic 3D models to prospective accounts, sponsors and focus groups.


3D printing Metal


Most common questions we discuss with our customers:
  1. What is our ambition? Some companies anticipate niche uses, but 3D printing may have broad application within companies with low production volumes, critical time-to-market needs, high product complexity with small physical dimensions and high level of customization.
  2. What adoption route should we pursue? Should 3D printing be part of design engineering? The shop floor? Prototyping? We see companies taking all three routes depending on their priorities.
  3. How fast should we go? Companies can learn 3D printing on their own or partner temporarily with system manufacturers or service providers to get up to speed more quickly. PLM Group can help you with this.
  4. How integrated should we be? Decisions made now will determine how easily the company can extend the use of 3-D printing over time, affecting everything from design soft ware to supply chains to parts testing and repair.
  5. How should we organize? 3D printing shift s efforts from production plant and supply chain management to engineering and production planning and control. Companies will need to decide weather to make reactive changes ore realign the organization early on.

Benefits of 3D printing

Win Business

Bring realistic 3D models to prospective accounts, sponsors and focus groups to win more business.

Mass customization

3D printing processes allow for mass customization — the ability to personalize products according to individual needs and requirements.

Tool - Less

For industrial manufacturing, one of the most cost-, time- and labour-intensive stages of the product development process is the production of the tools. For low to medium volume applications, industrial 3D printing you can eliminate the need for tool production.

Personalize products

Personalize merchandise such as pens and other items at conventions etc. This can increase mind share with potential clients.

Complexity is not a problem

The advent of 3D printing has seen a proliferation of products (designed in digital environments), which involve levels of complexity that simply could not be produced physically in any other way.

Speed Time to Market

Compress design cycles by 3D printing multiple prototypes on demand, right in your office.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

3D printing is also emerging as an energy-efficient technology that can provide environmental efficiencies in terms of both the manufacturing process itself, utilising up to 90% of standard materials, and, therefore, creating less waste, but also throughout an additively manufactured product’s operating life, by way of lighter and stronger design that imposes a reduced carbon footprint compared with traditionally manufactured products.

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For over twenty five years 3D Systems has revolutionized product development through the application of SLA® (Stereolithography), SLS® Systems (Selective Laser Sintering) and DMS; (Direct Metal Sintering) Production 3D Printers to generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts.


Print with the largest build platform and create accurate and perfectly formed 3D printed parts and prototypes for fitment and function test and customized production. SLA technology is used by aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, consumer product and industrial designers.


Used for customized production in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, customized medical devices, consumer products and those needing rapid tooling
SLS printed parts exhibit long-lasting, fab-grade durability and functionality as well as smooth surface finish.


Print very customized geometric severity metal parts which is more or less impossible to do on traditional metal machines.
It gives manufacturers, aerospace and automotive companies, medical implant makers and service bureaus the power to print large numbers of high-quality end-use metal parts faster and more economically than traditional processes allow

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Precision, Productivity; Real Parts & Functional Prototypes. Get out in front of your new product design, packaging or tooling requirements, and deliver real parts – real time. Our 3D printers generate plastic models that are tough enough to be used as working parts. This enables you to perform testing for form, fit and function right from your office.

Plaster printer

Full color prototypes only for visible look, easy to use and very low building costs as you can reuse all the unused powder.

Liquid Plastic printer

Print parts for fitment and function test and even small production. Print robust, durable and high quality plastic parts where the accuracy and surface is in the top. Print in 7 different materials and use wax as support.

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Desktop 3D Printers for designers and smaller teams help to put the focus back on what matters most: the idea. Now you can do everything you used to do with an outside service — work and test models, save time and money. Experience high-end 3D printers at a consumer price!

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