SLA 750

SLA 750

High speed stereolithography solution for manufacturing large, industrial-grade parts that last over time. The SLA 750 features a complete ecosystem with automation, postprocessing and smart software.

Large production parts at high speed

From the original inventor of SLA and the innovation leader in production-grade photopolymer technology, 3D Systems introduces the industry’s fastest SLA 3D printers: The SLA 750 and the SLA 750 Dual.  

The SLA 750 Dual is the world’s first synchronous dual-laser SLA printer delivering up to twice the speed and triple the throughput of current SLA printers, using dual imaging systems together with a proprietary scan algorithm, Hyper-Scan vector technology, developed especially for efficient, high-quality production manufacturing. 

The single-laser SLA 750 is field upgradeable to the dual-laser SLA 750 Dual, allowing you to rapidly scale productivity with increased demand.

Full workflow for SLA manufacturing

The SLA 750 solution delivers a breakthrough in additive manufacturing productivity, speed, reliability, and automation from the leading innovator in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing. A full solution is comprised of the SLA 750 family of large-format 3D printing systems, advanced production-grade photopolymer materials, the PostCure 1050 post-processing system, and the Oqton cloud-based, end-to-end manufacturing operation system. 

The PostCure 1050 solution for 3D Systems SLA 750 3D printer.

Industrial-Scale Post-Processing with PostCure 1050

PostCure 1050 is an industrial-scale post-processing system with up to 10 times higher throughput compared to current similar systems, including high volume, high-speed drying and curing for batch jobs and large parts up to 1050 x 750 x 600mm. Featuring optimized light wavelengths, a separately configurable UV intensity, and actively cooled LEDs with separately adjustable heating, you can now ensure optimal part curing without incurring unwanted thermally induced warp in your printed parts.

Integration, management and control

The SLA 750 uses Oqton’s best-in-class, cloud-based, AI-powered Manufacturing OS that unifies engineering and production through IoT and machine learning to solve manufacturing challenges across industries. Oqton’s Manufacturing OS seamlessly integrates additive manufacturing with your factory floor equipment and allows you to schedule your production and post-production processes for efficient machine utilization, as well as connect machines to enable full traceability and valuable data insights.

Why choose 3D Systems SLA 750?

  • Full factory-level integration, automation, management, control, and traceability for 24/7 manufacturing
  • Cost-effective batch volume production of repeatable end-use plastic parts
  • Manufacture large parts fast with wide range of industrial-grade materials that last over time.


  • Technology: SLA
  • Build volume: Up to 750 x 750 x 550 mm
  • Materials: Rigid, durable, clear, castable, flexible and more
Parts 3D printed with the 3D Systems SLA 750.


”We saw early on that the Figure 4 had the right qualifications in terms of output quality, production performance and width of materials.”

Tonny Socha Refshammer and Henry Frederiksen, tooling designers, at Widex.

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