Peel 3

Peel 3

Peel 3 is the third generation of professional-grade 3D scanners from Creaform. This ergonomic 3D scanner features unparalleled ease of use, improved resolution and elevated performance with objects and colors.

Peel 3 – professional high quality 3D scanning made easy

Peel 3 takes your 3D scanning to new heights. Everything about peel 3d scanners has been redesigned, rethought and revamped. For an affordable turnkey professional-grade 3D scanning solution, peel 3 packs a powerful performance punch.

Peel 3’s unique multi-grip triangulated handle has been designed to be comfortable in most common 3D scanning positions.

The multi-function and intuitive touchscreen gives you a brand-new way to interact with your peel 3d scanner. It can also be used as a distance meter to easily scan without looking at your computer.


  • High accuracy, up to 0.250 mm
  • Works straight out of the box with little calibration, automatic settings and no unnecessary gadgets
  • Good for any shapes and scans objects between 0.1 – 3.0 meters


  • Technology: White LED light
  • Mesh resolution: 0.250 mm
  • Scan speed: 80 sec/m2
  • Accuracy: 0.250 mm/m

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”Now, we only need one person for CAD, 3D printing and inspection, and the cost of an inhouse printed CMM fixture can be as little as on tenth of a traditionally manufactured fixture.”

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