Product Design

Product Design

Hit the market with your next product sooner with 3D scanning. Reverse engineer existing parts, digitalize handmade models, carry out simulations, and more.

Your new partner in product development

Product design with 3D Scanning
In the world of product development, the journey of designing and redesigning start from various points, not necessarily within your go-to CAD software.
Sometimes, the process begins with a physical part.

With the inclusion of 3D scanning in your product design workflow, you gain the ability to effortlessly recreate highly accurate digital 3D models of any physical object.

Save valuable time by scanning objects
By integrating 3D scanning into your product design process, you unlock a multitude of advantages. Save valuable time by scanning objects and optimizing their designs through multiple iterations.

Enjoy the flexibility to make adjustments and refinements as many times as needed. Additionally, utilize the power of reverse engineering to recreate parts, simulate scanned 3D models, conduct in-depth research, and much more.

0.1 mm

The level of detail you can 3D scan with Peel 3D scanners


Number of measurements per second


Number of output formats, among them stl and obj

0.500 mm/m

Volumetric accuracy based on part size

It’s a game changer

Embrace the efficiency and possibilities that 3D scanning brings to your product development endeavors.
From enhancing design optimization to expanding research capabilities, it’s a game-changer.

Model existing component
Integrate the designs you already have into a brand-new design

Digitalize handmade models
Convert a handmade model into 3D for further design work

Conduct FEA and CFD tests

Carryout numbers simulations on scanned 3D models

The benefits of 3D scanning for:

Reverse engineering

3D scan defunct or broken parts, edit and 3D print for spare parts on demand or custom made parts.

Human scanning

3D scan to design and 3D print personalized orthoses and prosthetics for better fit.

Art preservation

3D scan and store invaluable objects or 3D print objects to create stunning, authentic replicas.

Product design

Reverse engineer existing parts, digitalize handmade models, carry out simulations, and more.

Peel 3D portfolio

Peel 3D Scanner

Peel 3

Ergonomic 3D scanner with unparalleled ease of use, improved resolution and better performance with objects and colors.

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