3D printing for prototyping

3D printing for prototyping

Prototyping is an essential step in the product development process. 3D printing is widely used to for the creation of prototypes that function in the same way as the intended end-use parts.

Improving product development and time to market

Minimizes risk and resources
3D printing has been used for prototyping for the last 30 years since it’s a fast and reliable way to produce multiple design iterations.
This effectively minimizes risk and resources in the product development phase.

Test in real-world conditions
There is a broad range of different materials that allows product development teams to test the prototypes and their performance in real-world conditions when exposed to chemicals, weather or mechanical loads.

Avoid costly mistakes
Functional prototyping with 3D printing makes it easy for product development to create multiple iterations before proceeding into production tooling.
This allows companies to shorten their lead times and avoid costly mistakes, when introducing new products to the market.

Why Use 3D Print for Prototyping?

  • Quick and Dependable:
    Swift, reliable creation of multiple design iterations.
  • Resource Efficient:
    Minimizes risk and resources in the product development process.
  • Test under Real Conditions:
    Wide range of materials for testing prototypes in real-world scenarios.
  • Cost-Effective:
    Helps prevent costly mistakes and reduce lead times in product development.

Check out the best 3D printers for prototyping

3D Systems MJP 2500

Print functional prototypes with the most accurate jetting technology on the market

3D Systems Figure 4

Making 3D production real with scalable, modular high speed digital molding factory solutions

markforged mark two 3d printer

Markforged Mark Two

Flagship Continuous Fiber Composite 3D Printer, built to revolutionize your manufacturing operation.

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