3D printing for tooling

3D printing for tooling

Tooling components are used in many manufacturing processes. Whether it’s for injection molding, robotic grippers, stamping or cutting, 3D printing can create both high value and large cost reductions.

markforged 3d printed jaw

3D printed tools help speed up processes and lower costs

Tooling is a generic term that covers several manufacturing processes. Companies rely on these components to create highly efficient production workflows. But tooling is often a complex process that require a lot of resources and time.

Shorter runs with short lead times
3D printing for tooling is ideal when you want to produce shorter runs with short lead times. Unlike milling, cost doesn’t increase with complexity.

Wide variety of Materials
There is a wide variety of materials to choose from, that gives you the mechanical properties you need for your tool. We even have carbon fiber reinforcement to give strength equal to aluminium.

Why Use 3D Printing for Tooling?

  • Rapid prototyping:
    Accelerate your design-to-market time. Print and test tools within hours, not weeks.
  • Cost-efficiency:
    Reduce upfront costs. Traditional tooling manufacturing can be pricey, especially for intricate designs or small batch runs.
  • Complexity without compromise:
    Achieve intricate, customized designs without additional costs. Traditional methods can limit design complexity or make it cost-prohibitive.
  • On-Demand production:
    Produce tools precisely when and where you need them, eliminating inventory issues.

Check out the best 3D printers for tooling

3D Systems MJP 2500

Print functional prototypes with the most accurate jetting technology on the market

Markforged Mark Two

Flagship Continuous Fiber Composite 3D Printer, built to revolutionize your manufacturing operation.

Markforged Metal X

An accessible end-to-end metal 3D printing solution for functional metal parts, next-day.

Markforged X7

The turnkey industrial carbon fiber 3D printer for many types of functional parts.

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