PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies

What if you could eliminate all of that time and work that you put in to postprocessing your 3D printed parts? That is the mission of PostProcess Technologies. Using their automated solutions means that you can shorten your lead times and scale your operations with confidence.

Helping you improve throughput and consistency

PostProcess Technologies offers a comprehensive, data-driven system that delivers transformative benefits for additive manufacturing post-printing.

With patent-pending hardware, proprietary software, and additive formulated chemistry, their solutions enable the transformative benefits within the post-printing industry.

PostProcess Technologies’ range of automated and intelligent solutions provide unparalleled resin, wax and support removal, as well as surface finishing to all 3D print materials and across all print technologies – SLA, DLP, MJP and MJF.


Number of solutions for postprocessing SLA, DLP, MJP, MJF, SLS and more


The amount of time you can use PostProcess’ detergent compared to regular IPA


Number of successful PostProcess solutions installed across the globe


Number of patents that PostProcess Technologies have currently filed

PostProcess Technologies’ solutions

DEMI 400

Your entry-level resin and support removal solution for SLA, DLP, PolyJet and wax in a nifty format.

DEMI 800

Automated resin and support removal solution for your volume production with SLA, DLP and PolyJet.

DEMI 4000

Scalable post-printing solution when you run high-volume stereolithography production.

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