3DXpert, The All-in-one-software for Metal Additive Manufacturing

If you’re already printing in metal or are considering starting up, then you should read this!

We are proud to announce that we have become a reseller of the Additive Manufacturing program 3DXpert from 3D Systems.

By adding this program to our portfolio side-by-side with the printers we are selling, we now can offer you as a customer, a total solution for Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Metal Additive Manufacturing has unique requirements that are very different from 3D Printing of plastics and other materials. That is why you need software dedicated specifically to the needs of metal printing. 3DXpert was tailored to meet the specific challenges of Metal Additive Manufacturing. It helps you easily prepare and optimize parts for metal printing and enables you to print quality parts in record time.

3DXpert supports a large variety of different printers and brands. One of the main strengths of 3DXpert is that covers all the steps from CAD model to 3D-printing. This means that you don’t have to jump back and forward (import/export) between different programs to get your job done.

A typical traditional 3D-printing process, looks like this:

  1. Model/scan the geometry using another software.
  2. Export the model (typical using *.stl format to another software to prepare/optimize (here you often must send the model back to the CAD program).
  3. Then you must export the model to a third program to run FEA and simulate the print-process, slice etc. (Here you often end up doing changes, meaning that you’ll have to go all the way back to the CAD program and start over.
  4. Finally you must program the CNC machine etc. to post process the part.


On the other hand, with 3DXpert we have all these different areas inside the same program.


The process will then look as follows:

  1. Model/scan the geometry using another software.
  2. Open the model in 3Xpert (the program is able to open a large number of CAD files directly, so that you don’t have to convert the file into a mesh format). You then prepare, simulate, optimize, and program your CNC machine (up to 5-axis), all in one single software.

Utilizing 3DXpert allows you to remove many stages in the 3D-print preparation process, to save you time and work.

The software has many options but here are some of the highlights:

  • Easy to perform positioning and modification of geometry.
    – Real-time analysis of supports and down facing areas.
    – Automated best fit positioning to minimize supports, tray area, print time etc.
    – Parametric & history-based hybrid CAD tools for modifications of model geometry.

4      5

  • Structure Optimization
    – Lattices and infill structures to minimize weight and material usage.
    – Apply printable and conformal lattice based surface textures.
    – Iterative lattice optimization based on FEA linear-stress analysis.

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  • Build Simulation
    – Predict issues that might cause build failure or damage to the printer before printing.
    – Reduce number of tryouts and cut production cost
  • 3D Zoning
    – Assign different print strategies to different areas
    – No need to divide the part, eliminating weak points.
    – Shorten printing time using faster printing strategies in areas of less importance.

3DXpert comes in three different versions (standard, Professional and Ultimate) depending on which tools are necessary for your application.

Here you’ll find a video giving you a little more insight into the different functions of the software.

If you find this software interesting, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Stian Mork

By Stian Mork