A Cracking Christmas Tale: Part Two

We have told you before about the trials of the team trying to design and produce their very own nutcracker.

Through hardships and redesigns, Lars Haaland (In some circles known as the 3DExperience Magician) triumphed. He was at the very last moment able to send the files over to Eirin Holmstrøm (to many only Her Majesty the Queen of Simulation), who used her great wit to outsmart and test even the strongest of technologies.

And there it was – the finished design of the nutcracker. Tested and ready for the next phase of its journey.

Could it be? Would they have their nutcracker in hand at last, merrily cracking nuts in front of the crackling fireplace?

It all depended on this final challenge. They needed use one of the most powerful and sophisticated tools in their toolbox: the 3D Printer.

It was Stian Mork’s turn to showcase his skills. He could do what most of us dream of – create something durable out of practically nothing.

Curious to see how this Cracking Christmas tale ended? We’ll show you in the videos below.