Teamworks has cemented our position on the Danish market and infused PLM Group with incredible local experience and presence.   “We believe that the many years of experience and the strong cultures of both companies will come together to provide our customers with optimal guidance.” – Henrik Østergaard, Country Business…

PLM Group acquires ProNor AS and establishes local presence in all Nordic countries.   “It feels good to know that I am leaving my company and our customers with a qualified, trustworthy and stable business partner like PLM Group.” – Jan Erik Iversen, CEO, ProNor

Liljedahl Group, LMT group, was founded in 1982. Today they own seven holdings with a turnover of 12 billion.   “In partnership with LMT Group, we can expand the offer of solutions for Industry 4.0 and digitisation for our customers.” – Jan Lundström, CEO PLM Group.

Due to its strategic location, we opened our headquarters in Malmö, which serves as a central hub for our seventeen offices.

The founder of Swedish MP Engineering Martin Poulsen went from selling consulting services to CAD solutions in the early 90s. After discovering SOLIDWORKS in 1994, the company became a valuable reseller.

Solid Design House pioneered in Danish engineering with the introduction of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, just six months after the inventor Jon Hirschstick and his team commercialized the trailblazing design software in corporate America.

In Finland, Timo Talvio founded a company with the aim of reselling SOLIDWORKS for Finnish 3D CAD users in 1998. This company laid the foundation for CadOn Oy, which was later founded in 2001.