Attendees at the Metal X event at Nexttech

Record attendance as Danish NEXTTECH showed new metal 3D printer Markforged Metal X

Metal 3D printing from Markforged took centre stage at an event at the Danish knowledge hub NEXTTECH in Kolding.

As of January this year, NEXTTECH has installed a complete metal 3D printing setup, featuring the groundbreaking Metal X 3D printer, a sintering oven, and a cleaning station. Delivered and installed by PLM Group.  This means Danish industry now has access to one of the fastest growing metal production technologies for all their innovation needs.

The launch event saw some 70+ attendees from various industry verticals and was presented by Stian Mork, PLM Group Application Specialist, and Rob Keogh, Regional Channel Manager, Markforged. Attendees learned more on the 3D print technology ADAM, Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing, how to design for metal 3D printing and what materials are available. They also saw examples of real world applications, now made accessible by this new metal additive manufacturing solution.

It was really nice to see the amount of interest for our new Metal X printer,” says Stian Mork, Application Specialist, PLM Group. “This printer is actually a revolution when it comes to 3D printing in metal, since this is the first metal printer using FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) in order to print metal parts. There are a lot of benefits in using this technology compared to the traditional SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology.”

First of all, this printer costs about 25 percent of a traditional metal printer. It is office friendly, meaning you can place it close to the engineers and designers, making it more accessible, and you don’t have to deal with hazardous powder materials. And the fact that you can change to a different material within minutes instead of days is making this printer a real gamechanger in the metal AM market.”

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