Nylon white material

Markforged adds white nylon material to portfolio

Nylon White is a new engineering thermoplastic that is non-abrasive and can be stiffened with any of Markforged’s continuous fiber options. It’s a versatile material both with and without reinforcing fibers.

The new material is stronger, stiffer and more reliable than the original Nylon material. It exhibits a smooth surface finish, ideal for applications with high demands on being visually appealing. Because of its exceptional whiteness, parts can also be painted or dyed.

Nylon White and Onyx can also be used interchangeably in the same printer — without swapping print heads. The printers that can print with Nylon White are the X7 and the Mark Two.

With Markforged Nylon White you can print in the same layer heights as Tough Nylon. For non-reinforced, the layer height is 100 μm or 200 μm. For use with reinforced fibers, the default layer height is 100 μm for HSHT, Kevlar and Fiberglass), and 125 μm for Carbon Fiber.

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