Get our “Buyers Guide to 3D Printing”

Get our “Buyers Guide to 3D Printing”

If you are thinking of adding 3D printing to your product development or manufacturing, then our Buyer's Guide is a source of neutral information. Start here to learn more about the technologies, the materials and the pros.

What’s in the guide

Doing thorough research before you make a costly investment is key. This also goes for investing in 3D printing technology.

In our guide, you can learn more about the different 3D printers and printing technologies that are best suited for manufacturing applications, such as end-use parts, jigs and fixtures, prototypes and spare parts.

Meet the team

Our team of 3D printing experts are here to help you throughout your 3D printing journey – from application specialists, to our service & support organization with 50+ field service engineers ready to serve you.

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Read this guide to understand the benefits and usage of each 3D print technology, so you can make an informed decision once you decide to invest.

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