Get our report 10 global trends in 3D Printing

Get our report 10 global trends in 3D Printing

Stay updated on the most crucial trends in 3D printing – read this report to learn the most important developments that drive innovation and growth in the additive manufacturing world.

 Get our report 10 global trends in 3D Printing

What you’ll learn from the report

  • How 3D printing materials are catering to manufacturing needs and the most important material research
  • How generative design furthers adoption of 3D printing and nurtures innovation in product development and manufacturing
  • What the fastest growing applications for 3D printing are and how you benefit from this development
  • How standardization and integration is making 3D printing a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing methods
Man holding a 3D printed medical prototype
Mattias Kristiansson, product marketing manager 3D printing at PLM Group.

About the author

Mattias Kristiansson has covered the 3D printing industry since 2012, first as editor-in-chief for the Swedish online magazine, and since 2019 as part of PLM Group’s Nordic & Baltic 3D Print Team.

During his time in the 3D printing world, he has hosted numerous industry events & conferences, as well as written articles, ebooks and guides on different aspects of additive manufacturing.

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