Get our guide to CNC and 3D Printing

Get our guide to CNC and 3D Printing

Read this quick quide to grasp the main differences between CNC machining and 3D printing. Learn each technology’s pros and cons, so you know when to use which.

 Get our guide to CNC and 3D Printing

What you’ll learn from the guide

  • The basics of CNC machining and 3D printing
  • Pros and cons of each technology
  • What you can achieve with 3D printing but not with CNC
Mattias Kristiansson, product marketing manager 3D printing at PLM Group.

About the author

Mattias Kristiansson has covered the 3D printing industry since 2012, first as editor-in-chief for the Swedish online magazine, and since 2019 as part of PLM Group’s Nordic & Baltic 3D Print Team.

During his time in the 3D printing world, he has hosted numerous industry events & conferences, as well as written articles, ebooks and guides on different aspects of additive manufacturing.

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Download and read this nifty guide to understand when to use 3D printing and when to use CNC machining.