The Future of Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing

Facing challenges and seizing opportunity in a time of change isn’t just possible — it’s essential. Learn how digitalization & sustainability will shape industry business models by 2030 in The Future of Manufacturing report from Kairos Future.

Trends driving the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry facing transformative times. Digitalization and sustainability continue to create opportunities. Sustainability trends are driven by increased consumer demands, the financial industry, and regulations. While, shifting global, political, and economic realities already present new risks.

The meticulous research of Kairos Future shows the challenges and opportunities manufacturers can expect over the next several years. Combined with PLM Group’s industry know-how, the report offers five ways leaders and organizations can thrive in manufacturing’s future.

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Get a clear view of future manufacturing

From external forces to internal change and five steps into the future. With the report, you’ll get a clear understanding of what’s ahead, how your manufacturing organization can face the challenges and opportunities, and how you can lead it to success

Manufacturing trends report from Kairos Future

Kairos Future is an international consulting and research company that assists companies and organizations to understand and shape their futures.

Want to learn how Digitalization & Sustainability will shape the Business Models of Manufacturing Companies by 2030?

Take control in the unknown

Together with Kairos Future, we at PLM Group have put together a five-step hands-on guide. It’s your manual to future-proofing your manufacturing businesses in a time of change and challenge.  Get the report to learn more

1. Say hi to PAL – a Personalized Additive Localized Future

2. Rethink and recycle – ensure a strategic approach to sustainability

3. No time to die – Collaborate to Innovate

4. Learn from Moneyball – Secure and manage Data Strategically 

5. Good Will Hunting – Find Your Place in the Ecosystem

5 steps into the future

  • Say hi to PAL
  • Rethink and recycle
  • Collaborate to Innovate
  • Secure and manage Data
  • Find your place in the ecosystem

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More than 25 years ago we were born out of a need for 3D CAD. Today we empower people and manufacturing companies with the knowledge and tools they need to bring their innovative products to life.

Our team consists of passionate, curious, and knowledgeable people who are driven to find the right solution for your unique needs.

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Face supply chain challenges and grab opportunities created by digitalization and sustainability.

Together with Kairos Future, we have created the report on The Future of Manufacturing: How Digitalization & Sustainability will shape the Business Models of Manufacturing Companies by 2030.

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