DyeMansion upgrades Powershot solutions

DyeMansion is now launching the next generation of their Powershot C and S systems, designed to simplify ease of use and other optimizations.

The classic Powershot models are the perfect entry systems, bringing Additive Manufacturing to a professional level through an increase in quality and the automation of manual processes. The new generation brings some decisive advantages: improved ease of use, next level part processing, ensured dust retention and simplified troubleshooting.

Alongside the new systems, DyeMansion is also redefining the standard of industrial cleaning and surfacing thanks to a whole new proprietary cleaning process with plastic blasting media. A new blasting medium has been developed in the right shape, the right size and the right weight to gently remove powder without damaging parts or leaving mineral dust on the surface. Until today the industry standard is to clean parts with glass beads, which comes with some significant weaknesses.

“A machine itself does not solve customer problems, which is why we have put such a big focus on the development of the right processes. By combining the right machines with the right processes, we have created a solution. The new PolyShot Cleaning process is enabled by a blasting media that was developed from ground up to perfectly match the requirements of depowdering 3D-printed parts”, says Philipp Kramer, CTO & Co-founder of DyeMansion.

The new PolyShot Cleaning process works with the new generation of the classic Powershots and completes the Print-to-Product workflow with perfectly designed and developed processes for 3D-printed parts. The residue-free cleaning process for brilliant colors allows for a wider range of process parameters and precision adjustment than conventional cleaning processes. It is compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and improves the depowdering of challenging process materials (e.g. TPU).

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