For Researchers

For Researchers

Dive deep into your research with a powerful selection of tools from SOLIDWORKS. Keep the focus on your research not the cost or restrictions on usage.  

Focus on researching, forget the excessive costs

Have you been in a situation, as a researcher, where you are focused on turning ideas into products of the future, but budget restraints are limiting you from executing your ideas? That can be a thing of the past. 

SOLIDWORKS offers researchers a special license that includes the full suite of commercial software tools to help you get your ideas faster to the market.

Use your research budget for other investments
SOLIDWORKS’ special research license will not strain your research budget. You can get the full suite of commercial software tools at a fraction of the commercial license. Forget watermarks or special license agreements and get the benefits of the full commercial version. 

Get support from world-class technicians
Similar to all commercial SOLIDWORKS products, you can benefit from our world-class support to get the knowledge and training you need to go from concept to validation.

Benefits of the SOLIDWORKS Research License

  • Full design and analysis with reduced pricing
  • Go from concept to validation with full technical support resources
  • No educational watermarks nor restrictions on usage

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