Enhancing our 3D Printing team

3D printing has gained a great foothold in our customer base, and we are very excited. Our customers keep asking how to benefit from the latest Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing technologies and how to implement it quickly and cost-effectively inside their own organization. Our 3D Printing experts can answer those questions, and now the evaluation and implementation process can be done more quickly as we have empowered our team with some new experts.

The 3D Printing team is growing fast and our goal is to support all our customers with a smooth journey with their newly purchased 3D printers. We also aim at giving answers to 3D printing related questions and to overcoming potential challenges together. Our expertise stretches over all our areas of operation and our experts will gladly share their knowledge with all PLM Group customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries.



Stian Mork (stian.mork@plmgroup.no)  

Stian is an experienced engineer who has worked for PLM Group since 2006. He is at one of our offices in Norway and has previously been working with SOLIDWORKS in combination with SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation related questions at our Professional Services team. He is now helping our customers with deep knowledge of 3DXpert Software. Learn more about 3DXpert software at our website and blog.


Kurt Due Petersen (kurt.petersen@plmgroup.dk)

Kurt is our new Application Specialist in 3D Printing, located in Denmark. He has 14 years background in 3D Printing and most recently employeed with Canon. He has helped some of the largest companies in Denmark with their 3D printing challenges and implementations. His area of expertise is SLS and SLA printing technology. He ensures that every company finds an individual 3D printing solution and is happy to help your company as well.


Petteri Niemelä (petteri.niemela@plmgroup.fi)

Petteri joined our company in spring 2018 and is an Application Specialist in 3D Printing with several years’ history in Additive Manufacturing and new 3D printing technologies. His position is in Finland and helps our customers towards more profitable product design and production processes through 3D printing. His background is in consultancy and managerial tasks, so in addition to knowing 3D printing technology by heart he is able to think outside the box to make your company even more successful with Additive Manufacturing technologies.



Business Unit Manager of 3D Printing



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