Event: PLM Expo

Event: PLM Expo

Imagine being able to test your new product design in real-world conditions, without building a prototype.​ Sounds interesting? It is all possible with the use of simulations and we'll show you how. 

Welcome to:

Kickstart Your Day with Simulation and Donuts

– the breakfast event that will show you why simulation should be a part of every designer’s toolbox​.

We will show you how simulations can:

  • revolutionise your product development process
  • enable you to make well-informed decisions and better product improvements
  • cut down costs and time

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Join our simulation specialists Viktor Lison Almkvist and Eirin Stensrud Holmstrøm for a breakfast event where you will learn more about Simulation and how virtual testing can improve your product development process.

We have teamed up with the most experienced Simulation Guru in the game, Mattias Robertson from Dassault Systemés, to explore how Simulation can revolutionise your product testing within a broad range of parameters such as:

  • durability static
  • dynamic response
  • assembly motion
  • heat transfer, and fluid dynamics.

Viktor Lison Almkvist
Simulia Specialist

Eirin Stensrud Holmstrøm
Simulation Queen

Mattias Robertson
Simulation Guru fra Dassault Systemés

Join our simulation event and discover:

  • Why Simulation should be a part of every designer’s toolbox​
  • How you can use it to do virtual testing and improve your product design​
  • How using simulation can shorten your product development process and time-to-market​
  • How the tool can help you make better design choices while decreasing cost and material waste​
  • Insights and our best tips to why you should work with simulation​

    To make the event even more enjoyable, we will provide breakfast, coffee, and of course, doughnuts 😉

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