Webcast: Sustainable Disruption

See our experts explore the key role of product lifecycle management in unlocking operational predictability, prolonging product life and supporting sustainable after-sales services.

Uncovering best practices for Aira’s digital transformation

Imagine having a magic wand for product management at Aira. Something that could provide insight at every stage of the product lifecycle — supporting you to scale fast and build foundations for the supply chain management of tomorrow.

See how the Innovation experts, Jimmy Johansson and Fanny Leffler from PLM Group, dive into a new world of insight-led product lifecycle management — offering top tips to help Aira strengthen its position as the next-generation energy champion.

Join our webcast to explore:

  • How data driven lifecycle assessment is a gamechanger in sustainable product development
  • The benefits of adopting a Digital Twin in both product and factory design
  • Why early-stage access to qualitative data is key to reach targets

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