Industrial Equipment

Using SOLIDWORKS in designing Industrial Equipement

Manufacturers of Industrial Equipment face formidable challenges in today’s competitive global market. Clients look for more complex equipment customized to specific needs, higher reliability, and compressed delivery time. PLM Group solutions can help you quickly design complex assemblies and verify strength, durability, and performance to outpace your competitors by creating better machines at lower cost.

SOLIDWORKS is being used throughout the Industrial Machinery and Equipment industry. Read the testimonials and case studies to see how SolidWorks benefits each of these customers.

LBH International AS


Industries: Industrial Equipment

“When we press the button, it takes only a few minutes until all documents are ready for use in production and sales, and everything is in extremely professional quality. During one morning I have been able to very easily generate about 150 main drawings with the accompanying detailed drawings. Previously, it could take up to

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Sarlin Furncases AB

Products: SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Simulation software, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS PDM software

Industries: Industrial Equipment and Process & Plant

“Simulation brings us much closer to the physical world during the design process. When we compare our solutions to actual physical results, we can see that we have been very accurate in our predictions. This means that we dare to issue promises around new solutions to our customers earlier in the development process.”

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