The Danish start-up company Lifeline Robotics has a vision to improve global health. To do so, they have designed a mobile medical device that performs swab tests. With the ongoing pandemic, time is of the essence. Lifeline Robotics needed an effective PDM system, which allowed them to comply with regulations, manage product development and bring the device to market fast. 

The challenge NGI A/S is the world-leading manufacturer of a wide range of machine feet in stainless steel and reinforced polyamide for adjustment, stabilization, and vibration absorption of all types of machines and equipment. NGI´s products are carefully specified and designed to comply with the various hygienic demands that apply in Europe and the USA.

The challenge Low Vision International AB with subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, and Switzerland today is among the world’s leading producers of products to help visually impaired people. LVI has developed a new video magnifier for visually handicapped people. The product includes features such as HD video, touch screen, and text-to-speech conversion. The solution

The challenge ES Equipment is designing and selling a knife made for medical purposes. When ES Equipment started to develop the knife in 2005, the company had trouble combining the design ideas with the technical requirements. Five prototypes were made before the final design of the knife was ready. The solution During the development work,

The challenge The daily challenge for the development department at the Finnish company Merivaara is to keep track of the development of hundreds of different products and a huge amount of information generated during development work. To answer this challenge, SolidWorks 3D CAD is combined with a SolidWorks PDM system to give ideal control over