The student organization NTNU Revolve designs and produces an electrical race car every year. It all started in 2010 at NTNU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Four students started to discuss a possible project to complete their engineering studies. Their main goal was to get more practical engineering experience related to their studies.

The car manufacturer Renault Group takes the next step in their innovation journey by expanding their use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to more than 20 000 of their employees. This is a part of a strategic plan that focuses on value creation.

Canoo is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in California (EV). What makes the company extra special is as they have adapted a sustainable buy-or-lease vehicle ownership model. By leveraging the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform they want to change people's views on how we think about, drive, pay and acquire vehicles.

OMotion is a growing company with a passion for unique, electric vehicles. In the summer of 2021, the plan is to launch a special vehicle in 20 copies on the market. To make this dream come true, the company recently completed its first year of SOLIDWORKS for Start-ups program, which made it possible to save both time and money.

In developing lashing products, MacGregor has utilized SOLIDWORKS Simulation. With it, they have been able to optimize products to be more cost-efficient without compromising their safety. The challenge MacGregor develops cargo processing solutions for challenging maritime circumstances. The company’s roots are in England. MacGregor was moved under Cargotec ownership in 2005 together with Hiab and

Skypark SIA has been working with the production of robotized parking lots for over 10 years and in this time, the company has grown and developed offering a full range of production cycles. The challenge When starting the business, we designed metal structures using simple two-dimensional programs, and initially, it was enough. But while designing

The challenge Hellgrens Lastvagnsservice AB produces trailers for use with heavy vehicles such as tractor-trailers. The challenge was to produce trailers that can carry the weight load of the cargo they are designed to transport while reducing overall bodyweight. The solution Hellgrens Lastvagnsservice AB choice was SolidWorks Professional and SolidWorks Simulation. The company has managed

“The biggest benefits from using 3D Design with SOLIDWORKS has been achieved in the production where the cycle time has been reduced significantly, because all the parts are ready made and fit perfectly together. We no longer have to wait for missing parts or make engineering changes during the production phase.”

The challenge Profile Vehicles Oy develops and manufactures bodies for specialty vehicles like ambulances on chassis from car manufacturers including Volkswagen and Mercedes. Today, thousands of Profile Vehicles Oy products are used in highly demanding rescue, security, and transportation activities every day, all over the world. The company needed to transition to 3D to make