Consultancy Agreement

Consultancy Agreement

Keep up with new software releases offering improvements, new features, and smarter solutions. This is one way to drive innovation. We help you plan your system maintenance or consulting work in advance. Get in touch and learn more.

Planning ahead pays off

A Consultancy Agreement acts as your company’s annual clock, giving you an overview of what maintenance or modifications are necessary every year.

Additionally, you will simplify budget planning and reduce administrative work in relation to tenders and orders because all the consulting and maintenance services are predefined and purchased at a fixed price.

Plan ahead, keep up with new releases and stay on budget – it pays off!

A Consultancy Agreement will ensure you

  • Plan your annual consulting needs ahead of time.
  • Get a better overview of your current software environment.
  • Stay on budget concerning consultancy and maintenance services.

Want to see what’s included?

Our Consultancy Agreement comes in scalable packages and is one of five Innovation Agreements. All are built to fit the needs of your business.

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User Competence Agreement

Get a head start with the latest skills

Consists of:

  • An agreed number of planned trainings* per. year
  • An annual walkthrough of the latest edition of SOLIDWORKS.

*Scheduled trainings can be held online or on site.

User Experience Agreement

Cut down on response time from support

Consists of:

  • A higher level of service.
  • Faster initial response time* when contacting our support via e-mail or online tool.

    Comes in 2 packages:
    SLA Silver, initial response down to 2 hours.

    SLA Gold, initial response down to 1 hour.

*Expected initial response time with standard SLA subscription is 4 hours.

Consultancy Agreement

Manage consulting hours in a time bank

Consists of:

  • Consultancy hours to ensure innovation.

    Comes in packages of 10, 30, 50 or 100 hours respectively.

Administrator Agreement

Get help to strengthen innovation and maximize profits

Consists of:

  • A dedicated Solution Manager*
  • 2 solution strategy meetings per year.
  • 1 annual product upgrade maintenance plan per year.
  • 12 consultancy hours consisting of:
    Upgrades to product, system and solution.
    Maintenance of system and solution.

*Solution Manager: one contact point, a strategic advisor, coordinator and program leader.

Partner Agreement

We ensure development and innovation

Consists of:

  • A dedicated Solution Manager
  • A dedicated Solution Specialist*
  • 2 solution strategy meetings per year.
  • 1 annual product upgrade maintenance plan per year.
  • An annual walkthrough of the latest edition of SOLIDWORKS.
  • 24 consultancy hours consisting of:
    Upgrades to product, system and solution.
    Maintenance of system and solution.

*Solution Specialist: strategic advisor and technical expert with deep technical knowledge.

FYI Customers are responsible for requesting strategy meetings and product upgrade maintenance plans via the dedicated PLM Group Solution Manager.

Why a Consultancy Agreement?

Below are a few valuable benefits, and there are many more. Get in touch if you want to know them all.

  • Manage hours in a time bank
  • Plan all CAD/PDM related consulting or maintenance work in advance
  • Ensure that engineering tools are operational
  • Fixed annual costs eases annual budgeting and reduce administrative work related to tenders and orders 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the questions we are asked most frequently.

How do I request consultancy?

You set a date for when you would like to make use of the consultancy hours and then simply reach out to PLM Group support or sales 6-8 weeks in advance in order to scheduled it.

For what purpose can I use the consultancy hours?

The consulting hours can be used for maintenance and modifications by anyone within your company.

Examples of what the consultancy hours can be used for:
• Modifications of 3DX settings/dashboards
• Update or move of PDM vault/servers to later versions or new location
• Installation or upgrade of a PDM/SW client
• Modifications of PDM settings, flows and cards
• Adjustments to PDM tasks,
• Activation of Licenses SW, PDM
• Installation/Upgrade of SNL license server
• Creation/Modification Option files for SNL server
• Setup/adjustments Properties and Drawing Templates
• Set Up/adjustments BOM and other tables for drawings
• Set Up/adjustments weldment templates
• Setup/adjustments sheet metal templates & tables
• Setup/adjustment Toolbox
• Setup Library Features
• Solution adjustments

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