User Competence Agreement

User Competence Agreement

Get a head start on your competitors by always keeping your skills up to date with the latest knowledge! This is one way to drive innovation, with a proactive partner that empowers designers and engineers to be their best. Get in touch and learn more.

A head start with updated skills

A User Competence Agreement gives you access to an agreed number of seats on scheduled trainings, either online or onsite, at one of our offices. This ensures continuous training for your employees, making sure they have the latest knowledge.

Empower your designers and engineers to work smarter and more efficiently – enable them to face any challenge with ease.

This is what you get with a User Competence Agreement:

  • Access to all our most popular trainings
  • Become a SUPER user – in record time
  • Top skilled SOLIDWORKS Experts will run the course
  • Maintain a fast-learning curve when implementing new tools.


Become a super user in record time
For a newly started designer, a User Competence Agreement will ensure you the right foundation in your work with SOLIDWORKS.

You are in safe hands with our Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts, who show you the way to become a super user – in record time.

A User Competence Agreement will ensure you:

  • The right foundation from the start
  • Holistic understanding of the SOLIDWORKS Software
  • How to be productive and smart in your design choices
  • Get paper on your skills – Become a certified SOLIDWORKS user

Worked with SOLIDWORKS
for many years?

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks – that is not true in our class room – Even the most experienced designer may need new tips and smarter ways around SOLIDWORKS.

Make sure you always make the right and most effective design choices while being updated on the latest knowledge and best practices in your profession.

You can put together your own unique course programme that sets in where you want extended education:

  • Make sure you work in the best and most efficient manner
  • Get Certification on your SOLIDWORKS skills
  • We share our best tips and tricks with you

Want to see what’s included?

See all the courses you can choose from in your agreement

Course available in a User Competence Agreement:


  • SOLIDWORKS Essentials
    (4 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Drawings
    (3 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling (3 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal (2days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Weldments (1 day)
  • SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling (3 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling (2 days)
  • What’s new SOLIDWORKS (0,5 days)

On demand trainings:

  • SOLIDWORKS Mold Design
    (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Routing: Piping & Tubing (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Routing: Electrical (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Refresher (2days)
  • DraftSight Essentials (2 day)

*Scheduled trainings can be held online or on site.


  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Administrator (2 days)
    (1 day)


  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Essentials (3 days)

On demand trainings:

  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Essentials (3 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Nonlinear (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation (2 days)
  • SOLIDWORKS Motion (2 day)
  • SOLIDWORKS Professionals (2 days)

Marketing/ Sales

On demand trainings:

  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize (1 day)
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer
    (2 days)


On demand trainings:

  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
    (1 day)
  • SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic (3 days)


705  €/Year

FYI; Some trainings are only created on demand and require you to contact us to book.

Why a User Competence Agreement?

A well-trained team is something that is reflected throughout the whole value chain.

It ensures your employees the latest knowledge and the right competencies required here and now – and in the future.

With the help of highly trained SOLIDWORKS experts, your employees will learn how to reach new heights and increased innovation with SOLIDWORKS.

  • Save time by increasing productivity
  • Meet deadlines and bring your products to market faster
  • Increase employee commitment and satisfaction when performing their work tasks

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