Meet the team

Meet the team

Our team consists of passionate, curious and knowledgeable people who are driven to find the right solution for you. We offer great expertise within the services we provide.

Customer care / Projects and consulting / Sales / 3D printing / Marketing / IT / Finance / Management

Customer care

The customer care team consists of passionate experts that provides high quality, technical support in local languages to ensure customer satisfaction.








3D Print experts

Projects and consulting

Our professional delivery team has deep industry knowledge and are specialist in our field. They develop and deliver solutions to help and guide customers on their journey to success.


Our dedicated local sales teams are the key drivers in creating new business and building long-term relationships with all customers.

What our customers say

“The big learning from the process of moving to SOLIDWORKS and PDM actually has been to see all the capacity we gain by using good systems and working by good routines. And PDM has really helped us with this.”

3D printing

Our 3D printing team is passionate about introducing new smart technologies. They deliver high-quality additive manufacturing solutions with precision and speed.

What our customers say

“Once we realized the directional strength properties available with the Markforged products, we haven’t used anything else.".


Our marketing experts brings our company’s mission to light and support business development through lead generation.


Our IT department contains highly technical skilled experts that guarantees an reliable, secure and efficient IT environment.


The team consists of specialists who drive our finance department forward and shape our business growth.

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Our powerful management team has extensive operational and industry knowledge to ensure continous development, innovation and success.

About us

With our many years of experience we bring innovation to manufacturing companies from a wide range of industries in six countries. But where did it all begin?

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