Our 3D ecosystem will make your organization innovate

A digitalization landscape hard to navigate 

For over a century success of manufacturing companies has been driven by product related new technology advancements and optimization of production lines. With an accelerating pace new process-related technologies are altering the path to success. Companies are moving into a new game they are not used to play.  

Several studies are revealing that two top priorities of manufacturing companies are innovation and customer proximity. 

Most companies understand that adapting and transforming their business model is vital for long-term success and are to various extent evaluating the overflow of digitalization alternatives and acronyms. 

PLM Group is offering an extensive portfolio for digitizing our customers and making them innovate. 

All products start as an idea leading to a virtual and a physical product – virtual twins 

Our product development solutions from Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS provide best-in-class 3D modelling, simulation, data management and manufacturing solutions in one, connected universe. 

All needed tools are integrated in one integrated and secure environment to sketch, detail, socialize, manage, collaborate, design, engineer, simulate, iterate and issue factory-ready manufacturing instructions. 

The business value for manufacturing companies is an accelerate development process and new products to market faster. 

Everyone working on the same product data in real time – digital continuity 

Studies are revealing that two major challenges manufacturing companies are facing are product related collaboration with suppliers and customers and that they do not have time to innovate. 

3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systemes is a SaaS based business platform connecting people, ideas, product data and solutions in a single collaborative and interactive environment.  

Everyone (including customers and suppliers) involved in innovation projects can easily interact to imagine, design, simulate and deliver differentiated customer experiences. 

The business value for a manufacturing company is increased collaboration, improved execution and accelerated innovation which helps them grow and become more profitable. 

When the virtual product is becoming physical with completely new opportunities – additive manufacturing 

A flexible manufacturing technology that adds value in companies’ internal and extend value chains. New design of products is and opportunity and often a requirement for benefiting from a 3D printer. 

Additive Manufacturing contributes to the innovation of completely new products while reducing lead times and costs throughout a company’s value chain. 

The business value for a manufacturing company is new business opportunities and lower cost of operations. 

Innovation leading to sustainable business models 

Innovation spans from improvements and adaptation of existing products or situations to radical innovation with completely new offers and business models. 

Another perspective of innovation is to divide it into internal and external. External innovation covers development of product and service offer and how customers experience the interactions with our company and our products. Internal innovation covers our organizational structure, our internal processes and how we make money. 

With our three offers, Product development solutions, Additive Manufacturing and a Digital 3D ecosystem, manufacturing companies can transform into new sustainable business models. 

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