Digital Value Chain​


Digital Value Chain​

You can track your lunch order from preparation at the restaurant to delivery to your doorstep, isn’t it about time to have that level of insight into your whole value chain?​ Unlock your company’s full potential with the digital value chain with the right tools and our guidance.​

Value chain that reflects your company’s values and strategy

Digitalizing your company’s whole value chain helps you create and bring the products to the customers in a way that adds real value:




– with external stakeholders or without. Give up processes that are not working for you and incorporate those that respond your company’s values.


From product design to materials to production and distribution, efficiency comes when the whole organisation can access and share up-to-date information. The single source of truth offers each employee their needed real-time information to work efficiently alone and together


The single source of truth can also establish a complete transparency in your organisation by bringing information on who are doing, what and how, including your external contributors. This is the right place to start improving your company’s level of both environmental and social sustainability.


Give your team of experts from engineers to sales the collaborative place to do their work. With real-time data for design, sourcing, production, distribution and maintenance, your business can be aligned with each other across the organization anywhere and anytime.

Eager to learn more?

We’ll walk you through the six steps of digitally transforming your value chain to boost innovation and sustainability.

  1. Manage requirements
  2. Innovative design
  3. Responsible sourcing
  4. Smart manufacturing
  5. Excellent quality
  6. Superior service

Digitalize your entire value chain with a single platform

The technologies and expertise for a successful digital transformation are in a customizable package — the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

It’s the Swiss army knife of your every business, bringing your entire value chain into the digital space.

Combined with our industry experience the digital transformation of your business will be smoother and bring wanted results. Harness the lessons we’ve learned from the tools and processes tested across industries.

6 steps to digitalize your value chain

We at PLM Group have put together a six-step hands-on guide on the digitalization process. Download the e-Report and learn where to start your digitalization journey!

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