Markforged StartKit

Get a head start with Markforged 3D Printing Startkit

Our Markforged Startkit is a perfect fit if you want to get into industrial-grade composite 3D printing. Our unique kit includes everything you need to get going at a fixed monthly price. Starting from 249 euro!

Markforged StartKit

This is included in the Markforged StartKit

3D printer

Composite 3D printer solution from Markforged’s range of desktop or industrial X series.


11 spools of Onyx
10 extra fiber nozzles
10% discount on material packages during agreement period.


Eiger, a powerful and secure software specifically developed for Markforged’s 3D printers.

Training & installation

Installation on-site by one of our technicians. Training includes usage, Eiger, and maintenance. After training, you’ll be all set to start printing your own parts.

Service Agreement

Our extensive service agreement includes spare parts, travel and labour cost, and service. It also covers support via Markforged’s Support Portal and design tips from our application specialists.


After order, your 3D printer will be delivered within a few days.


Industrial-grade super strong parts

With Markforged 3D printers you can economically print prototypes, tools and end-use parts with advanced materials including nylon, chopped carbon fiber and reinforced continuous fiber, such as Kevlar, carbon fiber and fiber glass.

Markforged’s composite 3D printers can be integrated at all stages of the manufacturing process, from early prototypes to manufacturing tools to end-use parts. Independent of applications, these 3D printers produce super strong industrial-grade parts.

Choose between the desktop series, consisting of the printers Onyx One, Onyx Pro and Mark Two, or the larger, more capable, industrial series, with models X3, X5 and X7.



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