ProJet 3600

Print high resolution prototypes, molds or end-use parts without hands-on post-processing

ProJet 3600

Create high resolution, precise functional prototypes and rapid tooling

The ProJet 3600 series of plastic 3D printers are ideal for creating durable, high-definition functional prototypes, rapid tooling such as injection molds and casting patterns, and end-use parts right in your office. This versatile range of workhorse printers is easy to use, with fast print times and easy post-processing. Parts made on ProJet 3600s are beautifully precise, with sharp edges and true-to-CAD fidelity.

Benefits of ProJet 3600:

  • Print accurate parts that maintain integrity over time
  • Provides access to rapid tooling – printing of molding tools
  • Wax supports provides the easiest and fastest post-processing – no hand scraping, high-pressure water jets or caustic chemical baths
  • The high resolution of MultiJet Printing means even tiny features come out right—and there’s no risk of breaking small features during post-processing.
  • Every MJP printer comes with an industrial-grade print head designed for long life and high reliability.


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Why choose ProJet 3600?

  • High quality prints
  • Superior resolution and really high printing speed
  • Easy post-processing

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