ProJet 5500X

Superior productivity with large build volume, fast print speed and simple post-processing

ProJet 5500X

Maximize your productivity with the ProJet 5500X

3D Systems’ ProJet 5500X uses proven MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology to build the highest quality, most accurate and toughest multi-material parts available. Print finely detailed parts with varying degrees of flexibility, material transparency and colour – all from one 3D printer. The ProJet 5500X features the fastest print speeds, a large build volume, and the most convenient print-to-part process.

Using VisiJet® Composite materials, the ProJet 5500X offers more than one hundred material variations in a single print to precisely match your specifications. With so many options, the ProJet 5500X is perfect for a variety of applications, including overmoulded parts, multi-material assemblies, rubber-like components, long-lasting living hinges and high-temperature testing.

 Benefits of ProJet 5500X:

  • Print accurate parts that maintain integrity over time
  • Superior productivity – fast build speed, large build area, easy of use and hands-free post processing
  • Prints in a variety of plastics and rubbers
  • Wax supports provides the easiest and fastest post-processing – no hand scraping, high-pressure water jets or caustic chemical baths
  • The high resolution of MultiJet Printing means even tiny features come out right—and there’s no risk of breaking small features during post-processing.
  • Every MJP printer comes with an industrial-grade print head designed for long life and high reliability.

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 Why choose ProJet 5500X:

  • Large build volume and high print speed
  • Good surface quality
  • Simple post-processing

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