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When choosing between 3D printers and materials, confirm your decision by ordering a free sample.

CAD designer with 3D printed part, voxel

Materials to match your needs in 3D printing

You would not buy a car without a test drive, so why buying a 3D printer should be different? The material is as important as the 3D printer itself, and the material portfolio keeps expanding constantly. Materials is also something concrete that you really need to touch, feel and test, instead of watching a video or a demo.

As a reseller for the market-leading 3D printers, we provide free standard sample parts for evaluation. If you work for a company, an organization or a school, you can order your free sample below. We will then send you the sample part free of charge.

We have been a reseller of world-leading 3D printers since 2014 and our 3D Printing team consists of experts in different areas. The PrinterView video explains 3D printing and its fundamentals, and it is made by PLM Group for you to watch. Our experts are willing to help you to find a perfect solution + material for your needs, and they mostly help you in your local language.

If you would like to get some advice on the materials and 3D printers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our selection of free sample parts

Markforged Mark Two

Strong as aluminium – build material Onyx and reinforced with continuous carbon fiber. This material can be used for several purposes.

Order a sample part from the Mark Two here


3D Systems Figure 4

Our sample part, the “Three Minute Pen”, really takes three minutes to 3D print, per unit. The pen is printed in the material TOUGH-BLK 20, a tough and durable material with great precision and surface quality.

Order a sample part from the Figure 4 here


HP Jet Fusion 5200

This particular sample part is printed in an HP MJF 5200 in grey PA12 and shows the great level of detail you can achieve with the Jet Fusion technology, and these types of printers are widely used across industries.

Order a sample part from the HP Jet Fusion 5200 here


HP Jet Fusion 580 in full color

This particular sample part is printed in an HP MJF 580 in full color polyamide material, showing the astonishing and vibrant colors you can achieve with the MJF technology.

Order a sample part from the HP Jet Fusion 580 here

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