SOLIDWORKS Installation

Get ready to work with full speed from day 1

SOLIDWORKS Installation

Easy kickstart for SOLIDWORKS

To ensure a good start with SOLIDWORKS, let an experienced consultant from PLM Group install the system for you. We guarantee you a smooth start with your SOLIDWORKS software and help you to get the most out of it. At the end, you are able to make better products faster.


  • Fast and secure SOLIDWORKS installation
  • Turnkey solution fully implemented by PLM Group using best practices
  • Easy solution for your company – Ready to work with full speed from day 1


  • The CAD system includes shared settings and templates which improves in-house cooperation.
  • The Installation covers SOLIDWORKS computers (clients), license server (if applicable), Shared Toolbox, Shared settings, and Graphics card driver.


  • PLM Group collects all necessary information and checks that all prerequisites for SOLIDWORKS Installation are met.
  • The Installation is performed online or on-site.
  • After the installation, we run a functional test, which includes customization of drawing templates based by your needs.
  • Time estimation for installing 5 computers is approximately ½ days.


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