SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Methods

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SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Methods

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As a company full of certified SOLIDWORKS experts, we are happy to share our best practices. The Large Assembly Methods service helps your SOLIDWORKS users become experts in creating a large assembly modelling environment. In addition to this, they learn how to minimize waiting time during loading, saving and working with large assembly 3D designs and drawings. The service is tailored and based on your 3D designs.


  • Access to expert knowledge and best practices on how to plan and create new Large Assembly design projects
  • Large Assembly “Best Practice” Compendium by PLM Group for improving your everyday work
  • Setting up your computer hardware and SOLIDWORKS settings for ultimate Large Assembly performance, including opening and saving files.


  • Large Assembly Methods service is customized according to your needs.
  • The service will be held at a location of your choice.
  • Typical duration of Large Assembly Methods is 2 days.


  • First step is a web meeting where a PLM Group consultant takes a look at your typical large assemblies to get an understanding of your current working methods and challenges. We also collect information about the hardware and software used.
  • We study this material and prepare the customized content based on your design challenges.
  • The service consists of a seminar and a hands-on session:
    – In the seminar, PLM Group consultant covers the basics of large assemblies with example exercises.
    – During hands on session, we will dig deeper into maximizing performance with your files.


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