SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard FastTrack

The fastest way to adopt Product Data Management

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard FastTrack

Secure data management solution from SOLIDWORKS

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard FastTrack will help you in moving smoothly into a secure data management solution. Start fresh with a ready-to-go solution based on SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. This service provided by PLM Group helps small teams to get quickly started with a data management solution that is ready to use. The FastTrack configuration includes for example PDF Convert Task, Drawing Templates and Industry standard workflows.


  • Secure storage and management of your data
  • Increased ability to reuse existing designs in new designs
  • Powerful search tool for quick data retrieval
  • Complete version management of files covering the entire product lifecycle
  • Concurrent engineering enabled – multiple users can work on the same project at the same time
  • Offline functionality supporting development work when not connected to a PDM vault


  • Software installation, configuration and training
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express – bundled for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard
  • FastTrack configuration


  • Before starting, we have some requirements considering hardware and system. In addition, we require access to your network where we cooperate with your IT department. This is in order to be able to install the software.


  • The FastTrack is designed to get you up to speed in 2 days. The actual project will take approximately 1 day.
  • We will install, configure and provide an online user training of 3 hours based on the actual configuration.
  • During the Go-Live, your PDM vault is deployed and ready to be used in a production environment.

This solution is primarily designed for small teams. If you are interested in a solution for larger teams or better performance, we recommend you SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional FastTrack.


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