Virtual Reality Workshop

Taking your first steps into Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Workshop

Endless possibilities with the world of VR

Wouldn’t it be awesome to first design something, and then see it – even walk inside it and move objects? Virtual Reality is to explore and expand product design with great results, and if you are considering it in your engineering work, you are in the right place.

Let our experts introduce you to Virtual Reality and its capabilities in one day. Our VR Workshop consists of introduction and hands-on sessions aimed to help your company gain the most of the technology with the best tools and applications available.


  • Introduction to the world of VR
    • Fundamentals
    • Hardware and software
    • Use case examples
  • Introduction to the benefits gained with VR
    • Design Review
    • Sales increase
    • Training
  • Hands-on in VR with headset
    • Software, such as eDrawings and Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS
  • Hands-on in VR with other tools
    • SOLIDWORKS Visualize output using cardboard and Demo3DVR for cardboard


  • One-day workshop, either onsite or at your local PLM Group office, led by our experts
  • Access to Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS
  • Information on why and how to use Virtual Reality for design review, training and Sales and Marketing
  • Technical specifications of getting started with VR from hardware point of view
  • An overview of different ways of using VR – and most importantly: you learn which way serves your company best


To join the workshop, you need a VR headset. We recommend HTC Vive VR headset which includes a Steam account (note: we do not sell those).

You also need access to the software solutions, we will use throughout the workshop; eDrawings Professional which is included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages, and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. If you do not have these, please contact PLM Group for further instructions.


If you are interested in VR, please check our other VR Services:

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