3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services

A better way to empower innovation by connecting your employees, partners, and customers to share information and collaborate

3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a business platform providing software solutions and services for every team in your organization – Engineering, Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, HR, executive offices and more – so that you can build and deliver the best products, services and experiences for your customers.

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, and 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services brings that comfortable mode of communication to the business world with essential applications and services on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – and it is included in your SOLIDWORKS subscription.

With 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services you can:

  • Centralize information & data. Streamline and leverage data driven business decisions.
  • Collaborate across the organization. Seamlessly share ideas, questions or news.
  • Securely share and store content internally and externally.

3DEXPERIENCE® Social Collaboration Services empowers innovation and streamlines your business management by bringing your employees, partners and customers all around the globe together.


  • Centralize Business Information to monitor all aspects of your business
  • Collaborate in real time across the entire organization
  • Securely share and store data on the cloud, access files from any device anywhere anytime


  • Make the right decisions by considering all the data across the enterprise, not just data at hand or outdated reports.
  • Innovate with a higher degree of confidence by engaging consumers and customers early in the ideation process.
  • Improve productivity by sharing easily across the value chain. Spend less time updating data and managing status.

Why invest large amounts of money in cross-company collaboration systems while you can get it as standard with your SOLIDWORKS license? 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration Services is especially designed for 3D CAD users and it eases the communication in product data management.

Social Collaboration Services brings you three functions; with 3DDashboard, you share information in dashboards and they are within everyone’s reach. With 3DSwym, you act socially with your team members and share ideas which will turn into innovations. With 3DDrive, you work with design and share data.

Besides, using Social Collaboration Services is fun and keeps your team members active and innovative!

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