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Automatic naming of SOLIDWORKS documents in a structured way

Productivity Toolkit allows for automatic naming of SolidWorks documents in a structured way. Connect serial number to SolidWorks property tab builder to update custom properties. Productivity Toolkit also rebuilds and updates external documents in real time, to ensure all published documents are always up-to-date


  • Automate the task of keeping corresponding PDF’s, e-drawings, raster documents etc. consistent with their 3D or 2D master document.
  • Automate the naming of your SolidWorks document according to your company specific schemas.
  • Make consistency of your meta data for your SolidWorks parts/assemblies and drawings


  1. Make sure manufacturing and production always have the latest manufacturing documents
  2. Avoid duplicate file names for your engineering documents
  3. Streamline the documentation process

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”SolidWorks is especially strong when you have to handle many complex parts which have to fit together in one assembly. We made a detailed and accurate design of the rather complex structure of the lamp, while we at the same time have been absolutely certain that it could be produced.”

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