Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Tailored for Service Plans Elite customers to get more our of your subscription. Get world-class experts input to your specific challenges.

Get our experts' input on your challenge

Get Expert Input on Your Project

Do you ever get stuck in your project and need expert guidance to move forward? Do you need a second pair of eyes for a new perspective?

Ask an Expert’ is the solution for this.

As part of the Elite packet of the Service Plans, you can book a 2-hour session with our world-class expert engineers to discuss 3DEXPERIENCE or any other specific topics.

Don’t let your challenges stop your project.

How Does it Work?

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of a lot of topics. To get the one that matches your situation, describe your challenge and we will assign the right expert to investigate your questions.

You will have two hours where our expert will help you.


  • First, book your session and explain your key topics
  • Secondly, a relevant PLM Group expert will set up an online meeting with you
  • Lastly, join your session and get our expert’s knowledge

Only applicable for customers with the Elite Service Plan.

Terms and Conditions

Want to read the details before you book your first session?

  • Only available for customers with the Elite Service Plan
  • Furthermore, a summary of key topics with examples should be provided ahead of time for optimal experience
  • One 2-hour session per annual seat of Service Plan Elite. The Service Plan is co-terminus with your yearly license/subscription renewal
  • If you don’t have an Elite service plan, or alternatively, if you don’t have any sessions remaining, we will bill you 2 hours of consultancy at our standard rate
  • You can’t combine your ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions into larger consulting projects. Moreover, you can’t break it into multiple shorter sessions.
  • Sessions are booked and conducted online. Expect a general lead time of 7 business days. Additionally, you have to have completed your first session before booking a new one.
  • PLM Group can limit the scope of the ‘Ask an Expert’ session if the topic exceeds the available time
  • Lastly, you can reschedule your session up to 2 business days before. However, a late rescheduling or cancellation will consume one ‘Ask an Expert’ session.

Book your meeting now

Submit the form with a summary of your challenge and one of our experts will reach out to schedule your session.