Simulation Starter

Simulation Starter

If you're introducing your product to simulation or are in the early stages of doing so, try Simulation Starter!

Start Your Simulation With Expert Guidance

Gain the best insights into your product development during Simulation Starter, and start simulation with confidence together with our expert.

What You’ll Get:

  • Expert Consultation: Discuss and ask with an experienced simulation expert
  • Software Guidance: Receive guidance on simulation software
  • Tailored Proposal: Obtain our simulation proposal for your product

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Simulation Starter: An Overview

The service consists of two one-hour online meetings with our Simulation Expert.

How It Works:

  • Request a Meeting: Submit the form below!
  • Send Us a Product Briefing: Provide information about your product and reasons for simulation.
  • Complete Both Online Sessions: Participate in two online meetings with our expert.
  • Receive Our Recommendations: Hear tailored simulation suggestions from our expert.

It’s free of charge for our customers with Elite Plan.

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Simulation starter meeting

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Kilwa Ärölä

Simulation Manager

Terms and conditions

The service is available for our customers through our Elite Service Plan free of charge. Read the terms for the service here!

  • You can use one Simulation Starter per one annual seat of Service Plan Elite. Your Service Plan’s timeframe is the same as that of your yearly license’s or subscription’s
  • We will schedule the sessions in advance, within four weeks from your request
  • Please provide a short description of your product and reasons for considering simulations three business days before the first meeting
  • We can organize the sessions online only
  • PLM Group reserves the right to cancel the service if the topic or meetings exceed the available time allowance
  • Our expert will book the second session after the first meeting
  • We can reschedule the sessions no later than 2 business days before, and please note that late rescheduling or cancellation will consume one session
  • You can book your sessions through the form on this webpage only