Stop spending time on upgrading your system to the latest version – let us do it for you! With our upgrade service you get more time to continue your daily work with all enhanced capabilities in place.

Improved features, speed and security

Take advantage of new features and updates from SOLIDWORKS without spending time on upgrading your system.

Our experts will use best practices to upgrade your system – which can be done for all older SOLIDWORKS versions.

We suggest our Upgrade service for companies who want to benefit from new possibilities in the latest release of SOLIDWORKS and improve in-house collaboration.

Why use our Upgrade service?

There are plenty of reasons. Here are four important benefits:

  • Work smarter with new features and functions
  • Improved stability while you are working
  • Discover problems and change bad work habits
  • Easier CAD management with one identical setup for all SOLDIWORKS users


Make sure that your program is upgraded with the latest functions and features with our Upgrade service.

The CAD system includes shared settings and templates which improves in-house cooperation. The Installation covers SOLIDWORKS computers (clients), license server (if applicable), Shared Toolbox, Shared settings, and Graphics card driver.


Make sure your SOLIDWORKS PDM solution is updated to the latest version and with the latest features. With this service, we upgrade your entire SOLIDWORKS PDM solution, which includes PDM archive servers, PDM database server and SOLIDWORKS license server.

The upgrade can be done for all older SOLIDWORKS PDM versions but it needs to be done before upgrading the CAD program.

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