Smart PLM


Want a short payback time on your PLM investment?

Smart PLM is a ‘bottom up’ approach that builds PLM capabilities step-by-steady-step. Quick implementation and short payback time. You can get on the fast track to becoming a leaner, meaner company.

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Smart PLM lets you:

  • Implement cheaper, faster and better production – With a leaner and meaner production line, your company can put out quality products at a competitive price every time.
  • Turn purchasing into a competitive advantage – streamline your purchasing process
  • Free up your engineers’ time for doing what they do best: innovate. Design reuse, elimination of repetitive tasks, reduction in the number of prototypes.
  • Win more deals with quicker and smarter go to market process
  • Boost after sales revenues – easily understandable manuals and instructions, easy to find spare parts online

Most companies today are struggling with the relentless need to introduce newer and better products to the market, quickly. Get serious about innovation and take advantage of digitalization. Let us introduce you to Smart PLM which gives you total control of your digital value chain, helping you get better products to the market – faster and cheaper.

Customers about us

“We annually save one man-year by using the solution for the automatic generation of our aftermarket documentation and we bring more value to our customers. They receive flawless documentation, custom made for their unique machines in exactly the format they want, whether it is paper-based, on CD-ROM, online via our company web or any combination of the three.”

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