SmartPLM for After Sales

SMART PLM for After Sales

Increase revenue, save costs with Smart PLM

In many companies, Aftersales has a significant impact on revenue generation – directly with spare parts and services, and indirectly affecting rebuy from customers. However, it is a costly function with staff engaged in helping customers and the expense of stocking spare parts.

Aftersales needs people and costs money. But it does not have to, once you watch this video =>

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Smart PLM lets you:

  • Enable customers to find information and order spare parts online
  • Secure easy access for staff to the latest and historical product versions
  • Produce spare parts on demand using Additive Manufacturing
  • Produce easily understandable manuals and instructions

This will enable your company to enjoy improved revenue growth – both top and bottom line.



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Customers about us

Wictor Kocula, Design Engineer


“We annually save one man-year by using the solution for the automatic generation of our aftermarket documentation and we bring more value to our customers. They receive flawless documentation, custom made for their unique machines in exactly the format they want, whether it is paper-based, on CD-ROM, online via our company web or any combination of the three.”

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