SmartPLM for Purchasing

SMART PLM for Purchasing

Get the competitive edge with Smart PLM

Purchasing enables strategic sourcing according to requirements – at the right time and at the best price. When you have continuous collaboration with your suppliers, you have a great opportunity to use their expertise and find better solutions than what actually is in the specifications.

How can Purchasing be a competitive advantage? Well, watch this video to learn how =>

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Smart PLM lets you:

  • Get automatic access to the latest revision of 3D models including Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Easily get quick offers from multiple suppliers
  • Involve suppliers earlier in the development process
  • Increase the re-use of existing articles and suppliers

When you supply better products at lower prices and faster than expected, your company gets the competitive edge.

Customers about us

Wictor Kocula, Design Engineer


“When we press the button, it takes only a few minutes until all documents are ready for use in production and sales, and everything is in extremely professional quality. During one morning I have been able to very easily generate about 150 main drawings with the accompanying detailed drawings. Previously, it could take up to a day’s work to generate the same documents for only one product.”

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