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Being the first in the market with new products, reacting more quickly with quotations, shorter lead times, competitive prices and attractive visualizations are all critical factors for sales success.

Now you can say quick quotations and short engineering time in the same sentence. Watch this video to learn more =>

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Smart PLM lets you:

  • Reduce engineering time
  • Guide sales efforts towards a modularized product program with fast pricing, limited engineering time and prepared production
  • Make attractive photo-realistic visualizations and product documentation in parallel with the design process

This will help your company increase its competitiveness by selling more, quickly.



5 best practices for profit and growth

Most companies today are struggling with the relentless need to introduce better products to the market, quickly. The best kept secrets about profits and growth is now yours, with a single click!

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Customers about us

“In retrospect, we should have introduced SOLIDWORKS several years ago, but we feared the transition from a 2D drawing system to 3D CAD. The fear has turned out to be completely unfounded. We’ve got huge time savings of more than 50 percent of our product development time. The CAD software is also an incredibly powerful sales tool because both our existing and potential customers can much more easily grasp the ideas in our solutions when we present them as photo-realistic 3D visualizations. We are emerging as a more professional company and the customers are more easily convinced that we can solve the more technically challenging tasks.”

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