3D Sculptor

Create stylized, organic-shaped models using a browser-based 3D subdivision (sub-D) modeling solution that runs on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and integrates seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.

3D Sculptor a browser based modelling solution

Shape. Collaborate. Innovate.

3D Sculptor is an ideal solution for designers, engineers and digital artists who need to create, review, and evaluate organic and ergonomic shapes.

Collaborate without friction and work together seamlessly on the platform to leverage the knowledge and knowhow from the entire product development team.

Why 3D Sculptor?

  • Share and collaborate on ideas with multiple stakeholders
  • Manage and store all designs securely on the cloud
  • Accelerate innovation with a cloud-based platform
  • Easily Interact with SOLIDWORKS CAD

3DEXPERIENCE has the capabilities that we may need in the future (…) The system is not limited, and we don’t need to change system, as it also supports a larger organization. As a small organization, we can use the bits and pieces that we need now, but then we also know, that when we move forward, we can bring in the functionality that we need as we grow.

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